Troll Your Neighbors By Multiple Fake SSIDs Using ESP8266!

After we tinkered with a really useful project to convert esp8266 to a WiFi Repeater, now it’s time for having fun!

End year is the best time to troll your annoying neighbors (or be the annoying one instead), maybe we already did this by renaming our WiFi name into some weird description like “Your Momma Is So Fat” or “Your Music Taste Is Suck!”, but this article helps you to disturb your evil neighbors even further by broadcasting multiple SSIDs at the same time. There’s no limit to your SSID list so that you can use this for advertisement. Are You Ready, Evil?

To do this project you’ll need an esp8266 module like NodeMCU and a micro USB cable.

Simple Steps To Annoy Your Neighbors

  1. Download this Arduino sketch via GitHub here. Or if you don’t know how to do it, simply click this link here.
  2. Connect your esp8266.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip and open the *.ino file with Arduino IDE, I assume you know how to program esp8266 module using Arduino IDE.
  4. If you want, alter what SSIDs to be broadcasted by modifying RickRoll() function in line 116.

  5. Flash the sketch into your esp8266 module.
  6. Enjoy!

6 Replies to “Troll Your Neighbors By Multiple Fake SSIDs Using ESP8266!”

  1. This is pretty pointless as no one looks at the available networks around them once their wifi is setup. Doubtful anyone would see this list unless you live in a major city. Also, what are we? 12?

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